Introduction to our copyists

Seiichi Shinohara

  • 篠原誠一 作品1
  • 篠原誠一 作品2 拡大画像
  • 篠原誠一 作品3 拡大画像
  • 篠原誠一 作品4 拡大画像
  • 篠原誠一 作品5 拡大画像

1982: Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Design.
1983: Studied under calligrapher Shirou Nakai
Shinohara has since created many store logos. He has been involved for many years in the writing of the poem cards for the Daichi Life Insurance “Salaryman 100 Selection” comic haiku contest.

Shousui Ishida

  • 石田松翠 作品1
  • 石田松翠 作品2
  • 石田松翠 作品3

1948: Born in Hiroshima Prefecture
Ishida has been familiar with calligraphy from a young age, having studied under his father, the late Shousui Ishida. He has a natural designer’s touch, which he exploits with the writing brush to produce many unique works. While putting energy into his current work, he is also active in the coaching and development of future talent. In addition, he is expanding his activities into the area of television and music media such as CD jacket titles.

Rishou Ishii

  • work1
  • work2

1988: Entered the Modern School of Calligraphy (“Gendai Shodouin”), enrolling for the course of Taketa Etsudou Practical Calligraphy. Ishii is fascinated with the various phases of kana calligraphy and has dedicated himself to this work. His works have been elected seven times for the Everyday Calligraphy Exhibition, Taitou Calligraphy Exhibition and Modern Calligraphy Exhibition.

Noriko Kojima

  • work1
  • work2

1989: Graduated from Nishogakusha University. Her major was literature of China
pen examination Grade 1 and brush examination Grade1 (certified by Ministry of Education, culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
And in this examination, She got the Commendation by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
She got the qualification of high school teacher (calligraphy).
Now, She is instructor of The Japan Society of Calligraphic Education corporation and teach to his junior.
She is a member of judge.
She has won a prize and got the Commendation by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science in the contest (Senjimon-contest) sponsored by the corporation.

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