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Koshusha (herein referred to as “we”) produces calligraphic certificates and provides general printing services. We handle, in the course of business, personal information important to both you and our company. Aware of our ongoing social responsibility to safeguard such information, we have implemented firm-wide measures to protect your personal information and deal with such data in a correct and faithful manner, as well as running highly transparent business activities.

  1. The use objectives of personal information obtained by fair and legal means clarify that such data is used in a restricted and necessary way. We implement appropriate measures to prevent any usage of this information beyond the bounds of the use objectives.
  2. We adhere to legal guidelines and other standards regarding personal information.
  3. We continuously improve our security measures covering personal information and do our utmost to prevent any possible leakage or loss of this data. In the unlikely event of such an incident, we will rapidly implement new prevention measures to avoid such a reoccurrence.
  4. If you have a complaint or query regarding our use of personal information or system for personal information protection, we will respond in a rapid and appropriate fashion.
  5. We periodically review our personal information protection systems and take measures to maintain and improve them where necessary.

【Use objectives of collected personal information】

  1. For calligraphy on certificates etc
  2. For printing your name and/or address in calligraphy for postcards and envelopes

【Handling personal information】

We handle stored personal information as follows.

  1. (1) As listed below, we handle data within a limited range of necessity towards achieving our use objectives;
  2.     1.To answer your inquiries;
  3.     2.To send quotations and relevant materials;
  4. (2) Other than where required by law, we will not disclose your stored personal information to any third party;
  5. (3) We will not entrust your stored personal information to any third party;
  6. (4) Sharing your personal information is voluntary;
  7. However, if you decide to not disclose your personal information, this will prevent us from providing the functions detailed in (1);
  8. (5) In the event that you request notification, disclosure, data correction, addition, deletion of personal information or if you desire to withdraw previously given consent to share information with third parties, we will comply without delay. For assistance in disclosure, please consult with our service staff.

Koshusha inc.
Nahomi Yoshikawa, Personal Information Protection Manager
1-30 Sudachou, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to

02.09.2005 - Creation of document
01.08.2008 - Revision

Koshusha inc.
Hiroko Kushiyama

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